Transport construction

Highway Ostafyevskoye


The software gives the opportunity to quickly send up-to-date information
to the project owner, the technical supervisor, the company head

Company's tasks

Our company specializes in building roads several kilometers long. Therefore, the identified inconsistencies are difficult and inconvenient to transfer from the road construction site to bulky paper drawings. Project implementation means carrying out of several different work types simultaneously. Such multitasking requires efficient management, aimed at reducing the time of construction and installation works without loss of quality.


The task of establishing a effecient system of construction quality control and project design supervision is solved with the help of PlotPad. The system analyzes all the detected issues, classifies them according to the priority, type, dates and sends them to the assignees. Thanks to PlotPad software, the time spent on issue resolution is significantly reduced. All construction team members have access to up-to-date information from the construction site and can quickly respond to it, omitting much paperwork.

"PlotPad promptly solves the tasks set to Project Supervision managers. In real time, all construction team are involved in the work, eliminating violations, resolving issues. It prevents us from reworking design and estimate documentation and carrying out additional engineering survey work, which also prevents additional financial losses. ”
Pavel Alyonkin
Project manager, VTM-Dorproekt