Transport construction

Moscow Circuit Railroad

Company «CentrProject»

Reduced time on passing inspections and handover procedures carried out by state technical supervision services

Company's tasks

The main challenge is to control construction workflows and to accept the work performed in a short time. We were looking for a software solution that will automate construction control processes and reduce time for object handover process carried out by state technical supervision services and construction control.


We used PlotPad to register issues and make automated daily reports on the construction progress. The project manager used the application to assign engineers to tasks/ issues, to reviewed and approve reports, and send them to the project owner. The time for reporting was reduced by 20%, the quality control of the performed  work increased drastically.

"Thanks to Plotpad our engineers managed to send reports to the Technical Control Service quickly, while this Service's managers got the opportunity to control the construction process remotely and monitor the work effeciency of each engineer"
Andrey Milvit
CEO, design company "CentrProject"