construction inspections
with digital checklists

Monitor the quality of work and safety compliance with digital checklists

Complete site inspections faster, without missing out on important details that could risk delays and deadtime or employee safety

Inspections Module is used by

  • Minimize extra costs and delays by solving issues before deadlines

  • Inform controlling bodies on inspections performed

  • Monitor elimination of violations from your PC, phone or tablet

  • Make your own checklists  or use templates
  • Assign your engineers for inspections
  • Get up-to-date information on on-site inspections in real time

  • Carry out on-site inspections with digital checklists in your tablet, phone
  • Register issues and violations
  • Monitor and check their fixing / elimination

Inspection software screenshots

Main features


Digital checklists

✔ Create your own checklists and templates of any complexity
✔ Carry out several site inspections using one checklist
✔ Make changes to existing checklists


Check safety (HSE) and quality

✔ Digitize accountability for site safety and other procedures
✔ Track all inspections at different stages of construction project processes
✔ Use work permit checklists


Working with violations

✔ Attach photos to identified violations
✔ Choose the assignee to eliminate the violation
✔ Set deadlines
✔ Track status changes


Reports and Analytics

✔ Track number of registered/ eliminated/ overdue violations
✔ See not completed checklist and checklists with violations
✔ Monitor work of every engineer for set periods

connected devices for inspection

Adaptivity and synchronization

✔ Work with the mobile app on the most remote sites with no Internet access
✔ Data are synchronized automatically when connected to the network
✔ Available in a browser, on smartphone, tablets (mobile applications for both iOS and Android))