Field Management software

Intelligent system for monitoring project timeframes and scope of work by tracking as-planned vs as-built

Make better decisions by monitoring day-by-day progress on your construction site

Monitor construction timeline (as-planned vs. as-built) to reduce delays and deadtime

The software solution informs you about progress or delay in the project timeline based on comparison of  the site data of work done and the schedule. The plan-fact analysis of works, estimates and the overall project will reveal the schedule overruns to make necessary changes.

Reduce extra costs by 14%

On average, during the project lifetime, the initial construction budget increases by 30% because of extra costs. By monitoring the scope of work done, construction materials spent and unplanned additional work, you cut extra costs and reduce them from 30% to 16%.

Make crucial decisions based on reliable data

PlotPad Field Management provides a secure common information area. The project owner and all the contractors are informed on all the processes on the construction site. They get data in real time, control works done and accepted, and solve issues promptly.

Improved team collaboration in PlotPad Field Management

Foreman registers the work progress in his daily log in the mobile application in his phone or tablet

Technical Engineering Department of the general contractor analyses as-planned vs. as-built  and prepares necessary reports generated automatically

Technical Supervision / Quality Department of the project owner confirms the performed scope of work

Project Manager monitors the timelines, schedule, and the percentage of the work completion, project budget, estimates and worklists

Project Owner/ Developer  receives up-to-date information on the progress of the project construction for prompt decision-making

Get the intelligent monitoring system of all construction processes

Main features

Attached photo-proofs and comments

Attach photos to confirm the scope of work and provide additional information in the comments

connected devices for inspection


Work in your smartphone or tablet in the mobile application, or on your PC in a browser

construction team interaction

History of interaction

See all changes for every work in the worklists, every construction material, sort using filters


Generate your reports and docs

Automatic generation of reports and as-builts on the data right from the solution. Choose necessary data, customized template and get your report in one click.

software offline mode

Offline mode

Work on distant construction sites without Internet access. The data are synchronized when the device is connected to the Internet again


Graphs and analytical charts

See the progress of all works in burn-down graphs and analytical charts