Residential construction

Residential development "Progress"

Company "VK-Alliance"

Reduced construction working costs by 2%

Company's tasks

The company wanted to automate construction QA/ quality control of work performed by  trade contractors. They were looking for IT solution to inform instantly all the team members about issues on construction site and to provide common information  area available for top managers,. executives, department heads and control/supervision services.


After PlotPad implementation on construction site, the company “Progress” gained an easy-to-use and convenient tool for issue management and their systematization, prompt interaction and feedback. After several months of working in Plotpad, the company reduced the period for issue resolution by 30%. These results provided solid grounds to  make the facility management company use this program. Plotpad gave the opportunity to make work almost paperless as all the issues and assignees are registered in the application  instantly and all the comments are also saved there. PlotPad speed ups issue resolution and increases customer satisfaction.

"Our company highly appreciates PlotPad. First of all, it saves time for registering revealed issues, improves the quality of work due to the analytics it provides for comparing the results of all trade cpntractors involved in the construction. And the most important thing is the reduction of wor the costs of a square meter of the construction project by 2% as now there are less additional work and re-work."
Stanislav Tarasenko
CEO, company "Progress"