residential construction

Residential district "Leader on Volgogradsky",

Company "Leader-Invest"

The company uses PlotPad on all construction sites

Company's tasks

In the very beginning the company executive team set 2 goals: to increase efficiency of construction quality control department  and to increase the quality of all the construction processes and the result. Also the task was to reduce construction QA engineers’  labor costs and to speed up work with orders on issue resolution and with general contractors.


IT solution PlotPad has solved all these our tasks by 100%. We’ve improved interaction with general contractors who eagerly use the system now. Moreover, Mobile Solutions for Construction has developed integration with the IT systems already used in the company, so that it will significantly broaden PlotPad opportunities.

"The important point is that all the stakeholders are involved in the process. PlotPad provides the opportunity to solve complex issues conveniently and quickly by connecting technical service managers and executives responsible for the construction"
Ivan Tyagin
Adviser of the Efficiency Department, company "Leader-Invest"

Video Testimonial

  •  How to reduce time on standard building procedures from 1-2 days to 15 minutes? Ask the developer company Leader-Invest, the leader in the number of projects biult in Moscow. Watch the video and learn what aims they had and what results they’ve got.