Residential construction

Residential development "Gulliver"

Company "KORTROS"

The project owner got a control tool, the executive team got on-line monitoring of the work performed

Company's tasks

Usually project managers controled issues to be fixed, while engineers did double work of re-identifying and registering issues already found. This had an adverse effect on the handover process. We were looking for a tool to automate this procedure not only for contractors and project owners, but also for state supervision services.


Thanks to PlotPad all construction team members began working in a common information area. As a result of using this IT solution, the average time for issue resolution was reduced significantly, the project owner gained control over the progresss on construction site. Now all tasks, issues, photos, drawings and statuses of work performed are available for the branch executive team,  and the head company.

"For us it was important to discipline the workers, to establish remote control, to receive reports in a timely manner. Thanks to PlotPad, we've managed to do it"
Sergey Plaksin