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Become our partner, sell construction software, and get revenue for orders

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Modern technologies provide higher efficiency for the construction industry. They save time and money.

PlotPad Platform is a B2B product for the construction business. Selling PlotPad you provide construction companies with an easy-to-use tool to raise efficiency and get numerous benefits. They will digitize their processes and documentation using a construction management platform compatible with BIM (2D and 3D). Our software with mobile application facilitates construction team collaboration. So, all construction project stakeholders work simultaneously, make prompt decisions and save much time, and as a result, save money. To learn more about our solutions that improve the construction process by organizing a secure common information area for team collaboration and effective project monitoring, please, visit our Solutions page.

Become a PlotPad partner, give construction companies efficient tool and get revenue for each contract.


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Welcome online training

In 2 webinar trainings you will learn key features and advantages of PlotPad for big construction companies. We’ll discuss frequently asked questions on usability and ROI.

Demo License

After training and discussing PlotPad reselling  contract you’ll get a free license  for demonstration purposes

Marketing aids

We provide all marketing materials you may need: presentations, booklets, price lists, product help documentation, sales proposals and trial licenses.

Technical and Sales Support

Our specialists will help you with technical issues and pre-sales processes. We can also assist you in final contract discussions.