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Get engaged in providing our solutions that significantly contribute to improvement of construction management by automating the process with the use of mobile devices and cloud technologies

The right time to start

BIM technologies become essential at all stages of a building life-cycle: project, construction, operation. We’ve initiated the partner program to meet increasing demand for BIM-friendly software solutions in construction management. 

We provide the opportunity to work with BIM-models (2D and 3D) in your browser or in any mobile device at construction stage supplementing your BIM-models with quality and issue information. It increases effeciency of quality and safety management, operational control, health, safety and environment assurance, handover and inspestions.

How our partners earn money

Licenses, training and customizing

Our platform solutions are distributed in two models: SaaS and On-premise.

Integration with the customer's IT systems

Our solutions are convenient tools for data collection from construction site and for their daily analysis. The highest effeciency is achived by integration with other information systems, i.e. our solutions can use information from the customer’s other systems and send raw data to other programs/ applications for further analysis.

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