industrial Construction (in oil and gas industry)

Novoportovskoye field (gas & oil)

Company LLC "Gazpromneft-Yamal"
Yamal peninsula

Company's tasks

We wanted to improve efficiency of construction process: to reduce the risk of unforeseen costs, reduce financial losses and minimize falling behind schedule with the help of automating proceedings and cutting down paperwork and replacing face-to-face contact among the project owner, the inspector and the contractor by clarifying issues within common digital space. We needed optimizing the process of registering issues and violations, fixing them and exchanging comments.


As a result of PlotPad pilot implementation, the average duration of open issues was reduced from 28 to 2 days , and the average approval procedure was reduced from 4 days to 1 day. Using PlotPad platform, operational and quality control inspectors  regulate assigning and fixing issues. The software provides all construction team with an effective tool for issue tracking on each construction site and up-to-date informing about delays in issue resolution.

"The transparency of PlotPad platform helps avoid many disputable situations and save much time. The software provides instant notifications about registered incompliances in real time right form the construction site. After a successful pilot use of PlotPad, it was implemented in all construction projects of LLC Gazpromneft-Yamal"
I. Mukhametshin
Department Head