infrastructure construction

International airport terminal "Simferopol"

Company "Alfa-Construction"

Highly improved process of construction QA meet all the requirements
in time and with high quality

Company's tasks

We had problems with dealing with several trade contractors at the same time. It was hard to control all of them and track the overall progress of the construction. Also we had to prepare, print, send and analise lots of reports and orders on different issues. We had loads of paper work.


All our contractors used Plotpad on our construction site. Very soon the appreciated the benefits of using this software and work with it eagerly. The most useful pert was working with issue cards. Registering issues right on construction site in tablets or mobile phones with adding full descriptions, commets and photos saved much time spent on arguments, proceedings and approval. All the regular reports and orders we need are generated automatically with the data taken from the cloud.

"We made the decision to try PlotPad as our colleages had positive experience in using it. After the pilot mode, we've implemented PlotPad into our system of construction QA to control the construction process of the terminal and ancillary buildings"