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Company "SMART-E"
Moscow and other regions of Russia

PlotPad helped to standardize and systematize the work of construction QA / QC engineers' work all over Russia

Company's tasks

One day we faced the problem: we were not able to duly process a large amount of information recieved from different regions of Russia because of time zones when the project owners and contractors are in different cities. That is why we started searching for a proper tool that is in line with current trends and would contribute to construction control optimization at all our projects.


To solve this problem, we’ve implemented PlotPad, software construction management platform  that allowed us to synchronize all information flows and provide all the construction team with real-time updates. Moreover, digitizing of construction control significantly simplifies and  improves the decision-making which is a key advantage of this software solution. 

" PlotPad made a great contribution to our effective management of complex multi-level projects in Moscow and throughout Russia. For example, thanks to the implementation of this program, we solved the task of managing projects located in Siberia and Russian Far East"
Igor Mitshayev
Deputy Head of Construction Control Department