About PlotPad Software Developer

Over 10 years of creating software


PlotPad platform developer is the IT company "Mobile Solutions for Construction".
The company has 11-year experience in developing web and mobile applications for various business sectors in such countries as Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, etc. That is why its construction management platform is technically perfect. Moreover, the solution has intuitive easy-to-use interface.

We provide cloud-based software for construction management with mobile application for construction companies. Clients use PlotPad solutions on construction sites of 500+ objects in 20 regions of Russia, for example, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Vladivostok, etc.

Our software solutions help
- automate construction management, operational and handover control
- work seamlessly with drawings, BIM models and documentation
- collect data from construction site
- provide remote on-site monitoring of the progress in real time
- facilitate team interaction.

Our Mission

The main goal of both the construction and IT industries is to make everyday life easier and more comfortable. In other words, construction engineers erect buildings, industrial and infrastructure facilities, communication lines. While IT engineers develop solutions to automate processes.

Therefore, day by day we help construction companies solve difficult tasks easier and more efficiently.


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Improvement & Efficiency

Our IT solutions are flexible and help users significantly improve their processes. We help our client raise efficiency and save money

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Take customers' needs and develop solutions to automate their processes - this is our strategy. So, we offer the most effective way to digitize construction industry

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Our platform can be integrated with clients' IT tools into one system. As a result, they get best results. So, common data environment (CDE) is part of our development strategy


Timofey Tatarinov

CEO & founder

“We follow IT trends and stay in contact with our customers. Therefore, our company develops software solutions to meet clients’ needs, as well as requirements of modern construction industry. We rely on the results achieved by our customers and help use modern technologies to get even better results.”

Pavel Shalagin

CTO & founder

“Mobile Solutions for Construction harmoniously combines construction industry knowledge with vast IT development experience. Our mission is to be useful for clients, to raise efficiency by means of digitizing  construction industry.”