Civilian Construction

Perinatal Medical Centre

Company "StroyInvestHolding"

Automating acceptance of construction structures and cutting time to resolve issues

Company's tasks

We needed a more convenient and effective way to organize the process of works and structures acceptance. It was difficult to control the acceptance status of each kind of work and each structure, as well as comments on the accepted ones. We have come up with the idea to involve trade contractors in issue resolution throughout project construction.


PlotPad was implemented at the very beginning of the project construction. The first task that we solved with PlotPad is the organization of the structures acceptance process. The construction control engineers uploaded all the project drawings and documentation and  right on the drawings marked accepted structures and made comments for structures with issues.

"The key advantage of PlotPad implementation is saved time and increased control of workflows by the project owners and general contractors. Using PlotPad resulted in significantly increased efficiency of work on construction site"
Ilya Gorelik
Contruction quality control engineer, company "StroyInvestHolding"